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The voice actor that keeps amazing you

My voice is very versatile. That is why you can use me again and again for your commercials.

From a serious tone-of-voice to tongue-in-cheek, from fresh to familiar, from your best friend to a callous businessman, and everything in between. In short: indispensable for your commercial. 

I usually get asked for my enthusiastic tone of voice. Familiar as voice-over from television, and also very suitable to engage people.

What you can expect of me

An eye for detail, good service and… a voiceover that is solid as a rock.

You will receive a rough recording of your commercial script, recorded in my own voice-over studio.

The recordings are not processed so that you can edit them for your specific wishes. Three unique takes, different in energy, pace, and/or interpretation. And all suitable for immediate use. 

download my voice-over demosdownload my voice-over demosDo you still have something else in mind? No problem, I’d be happy to do it again.

Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to have your commercial produced ready-made? I will be happy to get you in touch with a producer who matches your budget and wishes.

Not easy, is it, to pick the right voice actor!?

Of course, you would first like to hear how a voiceover pronounces you text. I understand that. That is why I am willing to record part of the text free of charge. This way, you can also experience how I work.



Flexible voiceover, thinks along with you, and delivers quickly! Real craftsmanship!

Musicbizz Audio Design

Beside his fantastic voice, it’s especially his flexibility, speed and constructive thinking, which are reason to hire him again and again.

EF2 Effectieve Communicatie


Arno is super flexible and delivers really quickly. He also knows exactly what needs to be done. Always a pleasure to work with!


CommercialVoice rates

The reach of the commercial determines the price.

A voice recording does not come by the meter. Depending on the size of the market and the desired duration of use, we will agree upon a price in advance. 

These are my rates for the recording of a commercial for local and regional radio (one area/region in the Netherlands).

For all other broadcast areas: please contact me.

local radio

local broadcaster

  • recording in my own studio
  • buy-out 1 year (1 station)
  • correction phase


€ 50,-

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regional B

commercial regional

  • recording in my own studio
  • buy-out 1 year (1 station)
  • correction phase


€ 75,-

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regional A

public regional

  • recording in my own studio
  • buy-out 1 year (1 station)
  • correction phase


€ 150,-

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Something different…?

Is the commercial meant for broadcast in more than one region? Do you need a voice-over for a corporate video, e-learning or voice response? Or do you have something else in mind?

Want to know more?

Ask me. I will answer you as soon as possible.