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I am a Dutch voiceover and voice actor for corporate videos, e-learning and more. I like good scripts and happy clients. What can I do for you?

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Dutch, mother tongue of 23 million people

Most residents of the Netherlands, Belgium and Surinam, speak Dutch.

Dutch is also an official language at Aruba, Curaçao and Saint Martin.

Vocabulary and grammar are largely the same in these countries, but use of words and pronunciation differ immensely. Not to mention the cultural differences.

Even between neighbouring countries the Netherlands and Belgium there are hundreds of words and expressions that are not interchangeable.

This makes a translation not impossible, but it does make it somewhat of a challenge.

So, I advise you to figure out beforehand for which part of the Dutch linguistic area your production needs to be translated. I would also suggest that you work with local speakers for both the translation and the voice-over.

If you like, I could check the translation for you, or even take it entirely off your hands. The same applies to the casting of your voices.

In my recording studio in the central part the Netherlands, I daily record voice-overs for corporate videos, e-learning, commercials, television programmes, etc.

I do this for SMEs, big multinationals, but also the bakery around the corner.

Above, you can find several of the most common assignments I work on.

Click further for more information about my work method, feedback from clients and rates. You can also get a quote here, or book my voice for your production.

About Arno Lubbinge

As a voice-over for Dutch TV station SBS6, I must have recorded at least thousands of TV programmes.

From daily news and entertainment show Hart van Nederland and Shownieuws, to DIY shows, big entertainment shows, and dozens of documentaries.

My voice is also available for other productions. Clients across the world have used my voice for corporate videos, radio and television commercials,

e-learning, theme parks, voicemails and even an AED machine. Often in Dutch, but sometimes also in ‘European English’.

My voice sounds friendly and enthusiastic. I speak Dutch without an accent.

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